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  • Moorni Terra-Sips Hand-Painted Kullads In Earthen Terracotta (Set Of 4)
  • Moorni Terra-Sips Hand-Painted Kullads In Earthen Terracotta (Set Of 4)
  • Moorni Terra-Sips Hand-Painted Kullads In Earthen Terracotta (Set Of 4)
  • Moorni Terra-Sips Hand-Painted Kullads In Earthen Terracotta (Set Of 4)
  • Moorni Terra-Sips Hand-Painted Kullads In Earthen Terracotta (Set Of 4)

Moorni Terra-Sips Hand-Painted Kullads In Earthen Terracotta (Set Of 4)

:  EL-005-499 :  Jet Black, Golden & Earthen Brown :  Terracotta :  0 * 0 * 0 CM :  Hand-Paiting With Black & Golden Color.
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The art of Madhubani has its roots dating back to the time of Ramayana. Janaks daughter Sita, also known as Janaki of Mithila, was engaged to Ram. To make the wedding a memorable experience, Sitas parents ordered the people to paint Mithila into a colourful town and to embellish the walls and courtyards of their houses, portraying a glimpse of their culture. From times immemorial, the pictures were made on the patio and walls of the homes and gradually came down on more popular means like clothes, canvas, and paper. The artisans depict scenes from everyday life, with a wide variety of colours, details and auspicious Indian excerpts. The adaptation of tribal motifs and imagery from large wall canvases into miniature works of art requires an immense amount of hand skill. Our artist, Kishore, was inspired by the distinct colours associated with deities in different cultures and religions of the world. "Black and gold are the colours indigenous with not only Indian deities but also the ancient Anubis of the Egyptian empire" informs Kishore. Although the colour gold is parallel to prosperity, the colour black was chosen for its symbolism. The idea was to encapsulate the entire realm of life with a single colour, followed by subsequent Madhubani paintings. Thus came about the inception of The Jet Black & Gold, a collection of beautiful home accents, that has been delicately made in terracotta and hand-painted by tribal craftspeople from Kishores team. The godly colour palette- jet black and bright gold- personifies these artistic shapes and make them exquisite works of art that carry a fragment of ancient Indian indigenous life into functional products for you and your loved ones. The collection consists of decorative pots, vases, table lamps, aroma diffusers, tea light holders, kulhads and bowls. These paintings have a delicacy of brush strokes that celebrate the imperfections of the human hand, such that the admirer can almost feel the wet soil and the plants, experience the rhythms of raw folk music and dance gatherings and other scenes of tribal life. This collection of hand-painted home accents is a melodic story from the Indian tribal cultures, handmade with love, to bring the raw warm ethnicity of tribal life to your favourite spaces. Skilfully handcrafted in terracotta and hand-painted with delicate details by artisans from the interiors of India, Terra Sips is a set of four quirky kullads, in black and raw earthen brown colour. The base of the kullads have been hand embellished in black with a golden lining in the centre. The rich jet black on the kullads base, its artistic form of a body is complemented magically with golden lining. The compact design, simple utility, is perfect for your chai time of soltitude and togetherness with your loved ones.

  • FEATURES: -Perfect to serve hot beverages like tea & coffee to your guests. -Handmade in Terracotta. -Depicts Black and Golden Hand-painting. -This product has been made by hand and may have slight colour or design irregularities that are natural outcomes of the human involvement in the process. -The base is hand-painted in Jet Black with a Golden borderin the middle and the top is in Earthen Brown. -Comes in the following dimensions: 3.1"(L), 3.1"(W), 2.7"(H) Inch in size. -Volume of the kullad is 165 ML.
  • ART TYPE : Hand-Paiting With Black & Golden Color.
  • MATERIAL : Terracotta
  • DIMENSIONS : (L * W * H) = (3.1* 3.1 * 2.7) Inch
  • COLOR : Jet Black, Golden & Earthen Brown
  • NOTE : - Comes in a set of 4. - Made in terracotta with no glazing inside & outside. - As this product is handmade there might be slight colour, shape or design variation, which is natural and hence makes the product unique. - This product is not microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • PACKAGE CONTENT : 4 Kullads
  • VOLUME : 165 ML
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS : Handle With Care.
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