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About Sheesham Wood


About Sheesham Wood :  Sheesham wood, or also known as Indian rosewood, is found in India. The trees grow for as long as 22 years, and they can reach to as much as 30 meters tall. These large trees produce wood that’s heavy and dense. It has superior strength, which makes it a high quality wood for fine furniture. Upon collection, the wood is polished, which leaves behind a smooth surface that is attractive. The natural marking of the wood makes every piece of furniture made from sheesham wood unique.  Many people who consider buying sheesham wood furniture pieces do so because it’s high quality and has a rich color and rustic appearance. The well-defined grain pattern of sheesham wood gives it unique colouring that makes each piece of sheesham wood furniture unique and exquisite.

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Latest Arrival

Moorni The Glowing Matki Terracotta Hanging Tea-Light Holder In Azure Blue - EL-008-110
Moorni Tribal Serenity Dholak Shaped Terracotta Vase With Warli Hand-Painting (8 Inch) EL-006-078
Moorni Tribal Melodies Warli Terracotta Round Vase In Natural Mud Brown (6 Inch) - EL-006-069
Moorni Terracotta Vase In Natural Mud Brown (8 Inch) - EL-006-070
Moorni Tribal Rustic Pot-Faces In Terracotta With Jute Detailing (Set Of 2) - EL-004-016
Moorni The Bottle Trio Terracotta Hanging Tea-Light Holders (Set Of 3) - EL-008-117
Moorni Warli In Frames Elongated Tumbler Shaped Terracotta Vase (8 Inch) - EL-006-073
Moorni Scents By The Sea Hippo Ceramic Incense Stick Holder (Studio Pottery) - EL-011-012
Moorni Birds and Matkis Hand-Painted Decorative Hanging in Wood & Terracotta - EL-015-045



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